Lillian Eldefonso
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In Memory of our beloved Father & Mother

Ernest J. Eldefonso (A.K.A. Dirty Ernie);


Lillian - Pestana - Eldefonso

Both Ernest and Lillian were born on the Island of Oahu in what was called at the time "The Territory of the United States;

 Mom Born - March 03, 1931 

Went Home to Heaven;

July 27, 2007 at 2:10 A.M.

Dad Born September 13, 1928

Went to Be with Jesus;

March 25, 2006 at 3:00 P.M.

Never Goodbye;

In their final days the showed no fear, They knew exactly where they were going to Heaven and only wished that their Children understand this. They also asked that their family love each other and not "fight" This has been something our Family has been unable to break for a very long time, still with each new generation we pray the chain of anger will be broken.  I promised my Parents this would happen and through this memorial I pray that somehow we can all learn that forget the time you share with them, life is short and Heaven is forever be sure that you believe in both and your life will be more than wonderful it will be more than you could have ever thought the beauty that the gift of life could ever be as it is a wondrous gift only given by God.  This I learned from the "Boo Boo's" as well as the stumbling blocks that my Parents ventured through each day.  T

Through the life of my Parents and especially from the Love of God, which he impressed upon me during the most difficult time in my life thus far. ( When I could do no more than cry as I tried to keep them comfortable as they suffered in great pain in the end)   Still they had one last lesson to teach as still they both died with dignity and peace in knowing where it was they were ultimately going. They taught me not to fear death but to embrace that fear for it is not an end just a beginning to eternal bliss. They taught  of forgiving and peace & where it can be found. ( Through the forgiveness of Jesus and our forgiveness to others and from others for the things we have done in the past).

Thank you, please be sure to leave your name in the guest book so that I can properly thank you for being such a blessing through visiting and remembering my parents even though man of you never knew them, I can personally tell you "they were awesome".  Remember to Love all those you care for, never take them for granted, for the one sure thing we have in this world is being born and dying.  Be sure your life is one that those you love will remember with a smile.

This is my mothers last message before Parkinson Disease took her ability to speak;

"forgive me and forgive each other, don't repeat my mistakes"

In this last year I have learned so much from my Mother (and my father who past away the year before). I will take those lessons into my life and apply them well.

Family and Friends, remember when you grieve her loss, we all will meet again in perfection on that Glorious City, someday when it is our time to be with God, if we too have accepted His Grace into our hearts as did Mom and Dad.

I love you Mom and Dad "we all do", you are the Strongest people I will ever know, you and Dad were our anchor's.

"until we meet again"
Your Daughter Raynee

"God doesn't ask for perfection just our love" 

1:John 3-2

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Mei 9 2010

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Her legacy
Moms Claim to fame? HER odd sense of humour! II Cor 5:17  

Always looking for a Giggle!
 Or was she really sneaking up to strangle 
her son in law... Well...we can't be sure?
But one thing I know, is that always had time for a great Kodak moment!

Always a part of the Picture  


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Married in a small Catholic Church in Hawaii, Mom was a beautiful Bride.
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