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Noreen Eldefonso Cwick Obituary  / Raynee Eldefonso Kremer (Daughter)
  Noreen Sandra Ann Cwick, 61, entered into rest on May 7, 2013 in Stockton. She was born on September 30, 1951 in Hawaii. She leaves behind her beloved husband of 25 years Frank Cwick of Manteca. Noreen has three surviving siblings, Steve Eldefonso, Mike Eldefonso and Raynee Kremer.

Noreen was a Manteca resident for 12 years. She worked for Pacific Bell for over 20 years and was one of the people who helped in the conversion to digital. Noreen discovered her true calling while working as an interpreter for the deaf and volunteering at the School for the Deaf in Fremont. Being able to help people brought her joy. Noreen was spiritual and very much into poetry. She had a talent for jewelry making. She found herself at peace when surrounded by her husband and pets, those living and those waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge. She will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved her. Arrangements for Mrs. Cwick are under the direction of P.L. Fry and Son Funeral Home of Manteca. All services will be private. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Haven of Peace, 7070 South Harlan Road, Lathrop, CA. For condolences to the family please visit our website at

Manteca (Calif.) Bulletin
Saturday, May 18, 2013

II Cor 5:17

Thank you Noreen for your patience, I was a handful, "but were'nt we all".

I love you Sister, forgive me for hurting you in life, we never mean too but we are all so imperfect,  I wish we all could learn that sooner (yes a small reminder, a message for all who enter here including me ). 

Noreen I miss you so much,when no one else would hear me, you did, even after all the arguing, all the "yuck", I never appreciated that as much as I do now, why do we do that? Well I'm sorry, doesn't seem like much now.  However I know that we will see each other again, it's God's promise and I have learned a lot since you left, I'll do my best to carry those things on to others so the mistakes are not repeated they already have hurt too many and though I can't change everyone I know God can do miracles with us all    Say Hi to Mom and Dad and everyone else for me, Wow how amazing it must be that every one gets a long in Heaven, LOL what wonderful things you must see, I'll be a bit scared before I get there who isn't of the pain of death, but after that, the victory over it through Christ promise must be so awesome!!!!!  Until then God help me to do better and pray for us all. 

See you soon Noreen, a day or a year does not matter where you are, what an awesome thing!

 I will see you again.
 Love forever R.
The Day You Went Away  / Raynee Kremer (Daughter)

The Day You Went Away
July 15, 2007

Dedicated in Memory of my Parent's Lillian and Ernest;
and in Memory of all who grieve over,
the loss of someone they love.
May you find comfort today.

The Day you went away, we cried many a tear;
Without you there was pain, we knew not that Jesus would remain.
For He is faithful and He is just, for He saved all of Us.

Then so passed many a year, today we think of you with, joyous memories all;
For we know we will see you again when we hear,
Our Jesus gentle call.

At the Pearly gates we'll meet;
All those who went before us shall we greet!
Death shall have no hold on that day,
 as the Angels guide us in.

On that glorious day when we gaze at God's loving face;
He will surely remind us of His  eternal Saving Grace.

In the end we are comforted in knowing;
That loved one, your at peace today in your eternal home.
For there is no better place to be than where our Heavenly Father and His Children do joyously roam.


Thank you Jesus for the gift of our loved one's and especially, for your Sacrifice and Grace.

Love in Christ
Raynee 6/22/09
II Cor 5:17

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We all will miss you During the Holidays, nothing is the same without you but...  / Raynee Kremer (Daughter)

This will be our first Christmas without both of you. 

Your so deeply missed but I am comforted in knowing that you
share Christmas with Jesus together this year, what better Christmas can there be? 

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, we all love you. 

This year we top our tree with the tree topper you used as long as I can remember, in memory of you both. 

Tarnished though it may be, the memories of precious Christmas past that go with it are as new as the first time it was put on our family Christmas tree so many years ago.

Your always in my heart Mom and Dad
We'll be together again someday.
Love Raynee
December 2007

Happy Mothers My Best Friend;  / Raynee Kremer (Daughter)  Read >>
Happy Mothers My Best Friend;  / Raynee Kremer (Daughter)
Mei 9 2010


Happy Mothers Day my Best Friend
You were there from the beginning I was with you in
the end.

You brought me joy when I felt lost and held
me hand in the darkest of storms.
You kept me safe and you kept me warm.
There are times that my spirit is filled with despair;
so I pick up the phone to give you a call
but then I remember your no longer there.

At times I'd cry out to God on High;


No answer again no comforting word's did I hear. My spirit broken wondering does He really even care? 

Years gone by now and today my oldest friend I
know this one thing true how I forgot it I don't
remember I think it was when I lost you;
I found a small black Bible the One given to me by you. On the very first page was gently written "I'll Love you forever and beyond my baby" as if to comfort me one last time!

God does answers all our prayers in His time not
our own. I gave him thanks for reminding me that
truly I am never alone someday I will see you again
when God calls me home too Heaven in His Kingdom
up on High.

Hold fast my Best Friend my Mother oh so dear I
know now there is peace and beauty I could never imagine. Now I take comfort in knowing we will meet again some day in that place where no one Dies from beginning to the end.

Until that day your in my heart always
"Forever and Beyond".

Happy Mothers Day Mom
 ( My Bestest Friend )

I Miss You


In Memory of Our Mother

Lillian Eldefonso

Give our love to Lea too Jesus

Grandma.. / Jason Eldefonso (Grandson)  Read >>
Grandma.. / Jason Eldefonso (Grandson)

Little Jason is growing up fast and I really do wish he could have grown up with you. I think the two of you would have had a blast... hes such a smart kid and so well behaved. In many ways i think he is everything i should have been for you and grandpa. Unfortunately I was young and stupid, and failed to realize that sooner than i did. I am blessed to have him and he will know everything i know about you and grandpa as he gets older. I will do my best to teach him the way you tought me and try to bring him up with the same values. I miss you beyond expression... i miss you both... The only consolation is that you are in a better place. Life had been hard to you guys at times and I sincerely think there is a time when a person has to drop the weight and move on... and you did... i have thought about dropping mine many times since you left... you guys were truly strong people and I will always admire your perseverance in life and hope I can emulate it. You will always have a place in my heart, and I look forward to seeing you one day grandma... I love you.